First born

My first born left for the Marines 3 months ago…. baby he has returned a man! I am grateful for all of those who help me thorough the rough patches but it’s all worth it! Greatness on the rise!

Wondering and now I know!

I can say I am a over thinker. I wish I could have a situation and than let it go but that is not me. So, I had an encounter and it caused me to want to revisit it and even long for it. I tell myself it would be perfect if that person was here. When I was told I wasnt important and I did not matter. I guess I needed to suffer or something because I held on to that for the longest time. I had a thought today and it led me to some writing words. It reminded me that every step I have taken has been to help others never thinking of myself. I’m always last. I gave my all and still that wasnt enough. Although you were the love of my life and sad to say I still love you or the ideal of you. I was strong I made our ideals come to life, I only wanted to put you on the pedestal while I looked to you. I know that was wrong. I know that was not reality and I think I’m finally ready to let go. I said goodbye almost 8 years ago. Today I say good bye in my mind as well. Finally feeling relieved.

1 done and 4 to go!

Teaching your children lessons and than watching them blossom is an amazing thing. I always taught them that their bond must be strong and when one is weak the others would have to carry the others. Well my oldest has graduated and off to be a Marine. Than it happened the lessons I have been repeating over and over. You are your brothers keeper. I can die today and know that my five are good.


Hey hey hey…. so it’s been a while. Well that’s because I’ve been doing life. My oldest son is on his way to manhood! He will graduate in 20 days and turn 18 in 4 days. I’m overjoyed! If you know my story you know my oldest three have been there through all the ups and downs. The time has come to reap the benefits of my harvest. My oldest will be come a Marine, although I’m Army for life, I will take that. I can say being a single mother with boys is hard. Thank God I married a good man that picked up the slack! I’m grateful for the blessings that I have been awarded. Let this Journey continue!


Ok its been a while since ive had a clear thought. Mostly because of me just doing life. I am getting ready to take a trip to St. CROIX. I have never been so it will be a new adventure. I have a big year ahead. My oldest son will graduate from highschool. This is scary because i will have kids leaving my house for the next three years. Oh man what a scary and proud time at the same time.

I will be going parasailing, horse back riding, and scuba diving. I am ready for these new things, new adventures. I have always wanted toget in a hot airballon and next month I hope to do this.

The trip that is long over do, is going to the keys. I will do that soon also. I plan to ride across the bridge from Miami to the keys. I getting my bike next week, i will ride in May. My son will be leaving for the Marines so i will need something to do.

When my second son leaves I will be going to Greece June 2020. This is my present to me.

With all this being said, life has a funny way of getting back on track. I go through moments where my past shows its face but the future keeps pulling me forward. I am enjoying every moment. Let my life be an example of making mistakes and allowing them to correct themselves.

Full circle

My grandmother has always said never seek revenge. She said the Universe had its way of coming back around and if your lucky you get to watch! Well i would not call it luck but, I am watching but not with joy! I think it is bad to bask in someone’s sorrow!

To know better is to do better!

Sitting in wait!

The worst thing a person can do is stay with a person they do not love. Love hate relationships are really tolerant and hate relationships. Not sure if life is long enough for that. It will not be butterflies and rainbows all the time but it should not be sadness everyday! Planning a long trip of alone time. Thoughts and health are out of sink.